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"All this time we believed he went in there and sat." – Big Brother

Meet Dad. He takes VERY long potty breaks.
His kids are starting to get suspicious. Now they’re on the hunt to figure out why it takes so long.

Is he a rootin’-tootin’ cowboy?
Or an astronaut ready to blast into space?
And why does he say he's dropping them off at the pool?

The Dad Break is a hilarious read-aloud adventure where potty talk is encouraged and Dad is our fearless hero! Featuring clever rhymes and wonderful illustrations, it’s the perfect book for kids and adults who enjoy fun bathroom humor and puns.

This breakout picture book is the perfect gift to celebrate Dad.

Get your copy today and share the pun!
Baby showers, Father's Day, new dads, and don't forget grandpa!

  • 8.5" x 11"

  • 40 pages of colorful and professional illustrations

  • How many puns can you find?

  • Included is an art page to draw your own super awesome dad!

The Dad Break Children's Picture Book Banner.png
The Dad Break Children's Picture Book 3.png
The Dad Break Children's Picture Book 4.png
The Dad Break Spy Dad.png
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