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The Artist Formally Known as Piper Payne

2020 ~ New Year. New Name. Same Me.

Piper Payne has been my identity since I published my first book, Breathing Black, in 2014.

We're stuck with the name given by our parents and my birth name, unfortunately, has an apostrophe, a few N's, and a 98% mispronunciation rate. Choosing a pen name was an author perk I couldn't wait to implement.

At the time I owned a spa and with the humor and help of my clients I narrowed it down and in 2014 Piper Payne the author was born. The name was perfect. It was easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, and most importantly, there was NO ONE in the writing world with that name. For six years I went by Piper; I signed and sold books and had quotes shared by readers all over the internet.

This is where I'll keep it short and sweet. Another author chose a name almost identical to mine and started selling books. Our genres were slightly different, so at first, I thought it'd be NO BIG DEAL. Well, I was wrong. Eventually, I could no longer pretend this similarity wasn't going to affect my career—now or in the future. As an artist, when your work starts to be mistaken as someone else's or you're being tagged and quoted with another author's book---it's a problem.

I felt like I was going through an identity crisis and after months of debating, I finally decided that I needed to change my pen name.

((Insert: Sob. Sob. Sob. Tears Tears. Tears.))

((Insert: Putting on my big girl panties.))

So without further ado, I'd like to reintroduce myself as Poe Avondet.

Avondet is French, and my grandmother's maiden name. I'm a word collector; I hang onto words that strike a chord, writing them down so I can use them again one day. Avondet was one of them---it's potent, beautiful, and makes me feel oddly connected to a past life. And Poe, well, it's just poetic and badass. I'm hoping I can conjure some good juju from the master himself.

“And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, Shall be lifted -- Nevermore!” ― Edgar Allan Poe

XO Poe Avondet