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Reader Seeking Romance ~ Blind Date with a Book

Romance is one of my favorite genres. That's right, I said it. I love romance, which is weird because I LOATH watching romance movies. Sweet Home Alabama--I'd rather watch paint dry for an hour and forty-nine minutes. My Best Friends Wedding--tell him how you feel already! But books are different. Books take you on a journey--they tell, instead of show. A romance book can make you feel all of the feelings, along with the anguish and lust and passion that each character goes through, which in turn, makes you fall in love too.

Every February in Lit Happens, we select our BOTM by going on a Blind Date with a Book.

Fun fact: Blind dates aren't always with weird, creepy men who take you to Subway for a footlong dinner and then yell, "GOOD GRAVY!" as if that's an acceptable swear word for a grown man who almost killed you in a car accident (yes, that happened. )

Nope, I didn't let the Good Gravy Guy deter me from going on another blind date, because a few months later I met my now husband of 18 years, and we're madly in love. No, seriously, I'm 100% crazy, stupid, in gross smoochie, forever love with my husband.

So pick wisely because here are your blind date choices:

( Click the image to reveal your blind date )

Which date are you going on? Comment below.

XO Poe