Writing started out as a therapeutic way for me to heal from childhood trauma; the words that poured out of me turned into poetry and stories that invoked love, passion, pain, and loss. The reality of becoming an author is a dream come true and every word of mine that's read feels like a gift.


I'm a mom of three IVF miracles and married to my bearded best friend who has made my life a mixture of laughter and eye rolls. We're a close family who loves to go camping, travel, and be outdoors. There's also a fury Goldendoodle, Luna, who thinks she's human and rules our house. 

The blueprint of my personality: Pretend comedian, perfectionist, wine guzzler, mental health advocate, book hoarder, makeup junkie, Italian blood, mommy issues, coffee addict, stress mess, vinyl collector, antique store lover, can't-make-a-long-story-short, opera singer impersonator, clean freak, drama queen, mama bear, and overall just trying to pretend I've got my shit together while writing my way through life.

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